5 Stars for DC-Cluster in Nuremberg

Successful Certification of noris network Data Centers in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, 28.06.2018 – On the occasion of noris network AG’s 25th anniversary celebration, the eco Association spokespersons were once again able to congratulate the representatives of the Nuremberg cloud and managed service provider on an outstanding auditing result.

The two data centers NBG-Mitte and NBG-Süd once more achieved a maximum rating result of 5 stars during the successful recertification. In addition, the NBG-Süd location was awarded a “green star”, conferred by the auditors for special energy efficiency.

Both data centers received the highest award and, in the interconnected site audit: five stars for the redundant linking of the two data centers.

Understanding and mitigating risks to to Data Center Operations

Interview with DCSA Lead Auditor Gerd Simon

Given the strategic value of data centers to digital transformation, it is important for data center operators to have a very clear view of the risks they face – ranging from DDoS to the GDPR – according to Gerd Simon, Independent Consultant and Lead Auditor for the eco Datacenter Star Audit.

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Innovative approaches to Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Interview with Roland Broch, Project Manager DCSA

Roland Broch, the administrator of the eco Data Center Expert Group and the eco Data Center Star Audit, talks to dotmagazine about innovative approaches to energy efficiency in data centers; from water cooling to Kyoto wheels.

DOTMAGAZINE: What different aspects of the topic “power” have you covered in the eco Data Center Expert Group?

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Successful Recertification for noris network AG

Top marks for DC locations in Nuremberg

Cologne, 23.06.2016 – Back on 23 February, DCSA auditors were able to recertify the two noris network AG data centers NBG3/4 and NBG6 in Nuremberg, Germany, with outstanding results in all categories.

In the Single-Site Audit, both data centers were examined for their redundancy concept and their organizational, building-structural, technical and supply security. Both data centers achieved the highest rating, as did their Interconnected Site Audit: Five stars for the redundant connection of the two data centers.

The data center NBG 6 was also awarded the additional “green” star, presented by the auditors for especially energy efficient data centers.

In conjunction with the eco Gala on 23 June in Cologne, Auditor Gerd J. Simon and Project Leader Roland Broch presented the audit certificates to Ingo Kraupa, Florian Sippel, and Joachim Astel.

DMI successfully recertified according to the eco Datacenter Star Audit

Archiving specialist’s data center meets customer requirements

Münster, 10.05.2016 – DMI, the provider of solutions for the improvement of information-based processes and audit-compliant long-term archiving, had their data center in Leisnig certified for the first time two years ago.

The successful re-certification in accordance with the eco Datacenter Star Audit Verson 3.1 took place recently – and in organizational, building structural, supply and technical aspects, the data center fulfills the demands of their customers.

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Best Security and Availability Re-Attested

Hanover, 21.01.2016 – For their data center cluster in Hanover, net.DE AG has achieved the very good overall result of 4 stars in their recent re-certification through the eco Datacenter Star Audit. The premium business service provider satisfied the requirements for this rating in all areas examined:

  • Redundancy – 4 Stars
  • Organizational Security – 4 Stars
  • Structural Building Security – 4 Stars
  • Supply Security – 4 Stars
  • Technical Security – 4 Stars

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Data Center of the City of Vienna Recently Certified in the eco Datacenter Star Audit 3.1

Highest award for operational security and efficiency

Vienna, 01.12.2015 – The Data Center of the City of Vienna fulfilled the highest criteria for operational security in the Datacenter Star Audit 3.1 of eco – Association of the Internet Industry. The data center was awarded five out of five possible stars for operational security and received a further green star for energy efficiency.

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A1 Get Top Marks Again in the Datacenter Star Audit

A1’s outsourcing customers benefit from highest security levels and reliability
5 stars for A1’s georedundant data center concept

4 stars for the housing and hosting centers in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck

Linz, 30.11.2015 – A1 underwent the demanding and internationally highly respected eco Datacenter Star Audit with four of its data centers for outsourcing services. The interconnection of the georedundant locations in Vienna was once again awarded the highest certification level with 5 stars (“Interconnected Site” certification). The housing and hosting centers in Linz and Innsbruck were both awarded 4 stars, also an excellent result.

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Accolades for the M-net Data Centers

Industry association eco recognizes very high quality standards

  • M-net data centers in Munich and Augsburg both awarded 4-star certification
    Highest award for the direct connection between the two locations
  • Sustainable thanks to renewable energy and groundwater cooling
    The regional telecommunications provider M-net has been distinguished for the high quality of its data centers in Munich and Augsburg by eco – Association of the Internet Industry

Munich, 24.11.2015 – M-net was awarded 4 stars, with a very good overall evaluation, in the demanding eco Datacenter Star Audit (ecoDCSA, Version 3.1). Both data centers in combination offer even higher levels of availability and security: with new organizational measures and the redundant connection between the two locations, M-Net achieved the best possible certification of 5 stars.

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