DMI successfully recertified according to the eco Datacenter Star Audit

Archiving specialist’s data center meets customer requirements

Münster, 10.05.2016 – DMI, the provider of solutions for the improvement of information-based processes and audit-compliant long-term archiving, had their data center in Leisnig certified for the first time two years ago.

The successful re-certification in accordance with the eco Datacenter Star Audit Verson 3.1 took place recently – and in organizational, building structural, supply and technical aspects, the data center fulfills the demands of their customers.

The data center is the centerpiece of the process chain of digitalizing patient files. The digital copies are generated and stored in the Leisnig data center, before being delivered back to the customer over an encrypted connection.

The processes of the digital audit-compliant long-term archiving of patient files also take place there. The digital copies of the original paper-based files are united with the original electronically generated documents from the hospital systems, and archived long-term in consolidated form.

With the three-star certification, the data center corresponds to the current DMI requirements. It is designed with sufficient redundancy and meets all minimum requirements of this certification with regard to security and availability. The number of staff and the design of the data center are consistent with the business model.

For the customers of DMI, this re-certification provides the proof that DMI fulfills their high standards” explains Lutz Dreismann, Compliance Officer for the DMI. The next re-certification will be in two years’ time – at that time, an additional newly-built expansion and back-up data center will be available.

About DMI GmbH
Fifty Years of Archiving Know-How: As one of the leading archiving service providers, the focus of services is on the intelligent digitalization of patient files, the consolidation of files with original electronic documents, the integrated provision of this information for clinical and administrative purposes, and audit-compliant, conclusive and legally-binding long-term digital archiving.

More than 860 staff serve more than 800 customers throughout Germany, including more than 700 hospitals.