A1 Get Top Marks Again in the Datacenter Star Audit

A1’s outsourcing customers benefit from highest security levels and reliability
5 stars for A1’s georedundant data center concept

4 stars for the housing and hosting centers in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck

Linz, 30.11.2015 – A1 underwent the demanding and internationally highly respected eco Datacenter Star Audit with four of its data centers for outsourcing services. The interconnection of the georedundant locations in Vienna was once again awarded the highest certification level with 5 stars (“Interconnected Site” certification). The housing and hosting centers in Linz and Innsbruck were both awarded 4 stars, also an excellent result.

This is confirmation that A1 offers excellent data center services not just in Vienna, but also in the federal states. Companies who are thinking of outsourcing some of their IT services to the A1 data centers can better compare features and have an objective proof of the security and availability of services.

A1 data center services for companies

“As the largest communication network operator in Austria, we depend on highly available and high performance data centers to offer our voice and data services. Companies from all over Austria who outsource their IT services to A1 benefit from state-of-the-art security centers and the latest technology. Depending on the outsourcing strategy a company takes, A1 can provide space for equipment (housing) or provide IT services themselves (hosting, cloud services),” summarizes Marcus Grausam, A1 CTO.

Big companies and more and more SME customers are increasingly outsourcing IT services to data centers to give themselves a chance to perform more flexibly and economically and to focus more on their core business. The outsourcing of IT services is a sensitive matter, as the responsibility for the operation of business critical applications such as email, accounting or a virtual internal telephone network is handed over to the data center operator.

Highest certification possible for distributed locations

For this reason, certification procedures which allow companies to inform themselves better when evaluating and choosing a data center have firmly established themselves in the industry. The A1 data centers used for outsourcing underwent the demanding Datacenter Star Audit of eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

Two independent auditors examined criteria such as organizational, building, technical and supply security at each of the four locations. These included, for example, on duty hours, the number and qualifications of staff, the location and technical specifications of the building, power supply and climate control as well as fire protection procedures, video monitoring and burglary alarm systems.

In addition to such factors, the auditors also evaluated A1’s redundancy concept – so how the two data centers in Vienna are interconnected. A1 shares IT services with particularly high requirements for security and availability across two locations (georedundancy). This means that should one of the locations fail to operate due to a natural catastrophe or other unexpected event, then the other location takes over providing the service without any interruptions. This criterion, which is particularly critical for business customers, was awarded maximum points with 5 stars.