Premiere for North Germany – IPHH Internet Port Hamburg Successfully Recertified

From placing the order to presenting the certificate in just five weeks

Hamburg, 14.03.2014 – The data center IPHH Hamburg Wendenstrasse is the first data center in North Germany with the DCSA Version 3.0, and has been successfully certified for the second time according to the Datacenter Star Audit specifications.

“The increased requirements for data centers in the new audit Version 3.0 reflect the current state of technology, security and, of course, customer needs. We are proud to be able to keep up with these demands,” said Sascha Pollok, CTO at IPHH Internet Port Hamburg GmbH.

The data center has been certified with an overall rating of 4 stars, and in one area, Organizational Security, the data center met the requirements for 5 stars. The auditors especially highlighted the fact that the team is permanently searching for potential for optimization and improvement, undertakes detailed background research before hiring external contractors, and has developed optimal conditions through long-term partnerships.

The Internet Port Hamburg (IPHH) was founded in 1996 as an Internet Service Provider. The range of services today includes server hosting and housing, domain administration, and solutions and support in all IT questions, with a specialization in the planning and operation of Linux-based managed hosting environments.

The company currently operates two data centers in Hamburg, so that, for instance, operation of customer systems is redundantly possible in different locations. In addition, a further co-location is available in Frankfurt.

IPHH operates a redundant IP/MPLS backbone, which has fully supported IPv6 for the last ten years already. There are currently 600 direct peering agreements with other network operators at eight international Internet Exchange Points.

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