eco Starts New Round of Certifications for Data Centers

Expansion to Luxembourg, France and Austria: Europe’s largest Internet industry association is now certifying data centers in neighboring countries

Cologne, 25.01.2014 – With Version 3.0 of the “eco Datacenter Star Audit”, eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e.V. has initiated a completely new, revised certification for data centers.

The results of the certification are displayed in a star rating. The number of stars awarded represents what infrastructure is provided and which measures have been undertaken by the operator with regard to the security and availability of the data center. Concurrent with the new version, the DCSA has broadened its horizons to include neighboring countries.

Several foreign data centers already certified

As early as September 2013, three Luxembourgish data centers were awarded top grades in the certification. Plusserver AG, with their datadock data center, is the first French data center to have successfully undergone the audit. And A1 Telekom, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Austria, and the Rechenzentrum der Stadt Wien, followed at the end of the year.

Objective assessment facilitates detailed and accurate results

The goal of eco is to encourage the commercial use of the Internet”, stresses Dr. Béla Waldhauser, Leader of the eco Competence Group Datacenter Infrastructure, and CEO of Telehouse Deutschland GmbH.

In the eco DCSA Version 3.0, data centers are assessed by at least two independent auditors, using predetermined criteria and assessment matrixes. The focus of the audit lies in the areas of availability and security of the data center infrastructure.

The assessment is comprised of three separate components: firstly, the Redundancy Concept; secondly, the results from the four categories Organizational Security, Structural Building Security, Supply Security and Technical Security. The final component is the examination of required documentation.