Rechenzentrum der Stadt Wien certified by the eco Datacenter Star Audit 3.0

First Austrian data center with the highest rating for operational security

Vienna, 16.12.2013 – The new Rechenzentrum der Stadt Wien (City of Vienna Data Center) in STAR22, on the former Waagner-Biro grounds in the city of the Danube, complies with the most stringent criteria for operational security, according to the Datacenter Star Audit 3.0 from eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e.V. It is the first data center in Austria to be awarded 5 from 5 possible stars as well as the supplementary green star for energy efficiency, which confirms their own claim to high quality.

The data center is part of the office complex STAR22, which was realized by a project company from Wien Holding together with partner companies. It is used by the MA 14, the ICT Department for the municipality of Vienna, who operate their data center using modern technology with high performance, security and availability.

Efficient and secure

The bundling of staff, resources and infrastructure in a single location provides many advantages: Through the closure of smaller, economically and ecologically unsustainable data centers, the effort required for support and maintenance has been reduced. The processors can be better protected and more effectively cooled. This, and the use of especially innovative concepts and technologies, conserves energy. For example, the climate control system doesn’t simply cool using electricity, as was once standard, but also by using external air; in the colder seasons, this saves an enormous amount of power. The cooling system uses local ground water, so as not to turn usable drinking water into steam.  Environmental protection was already a focus at the outset of planning the data center.

The high availability of the facility has achieved an even higher level of security against outages than previously. All cables and piping has been installed double, so that damage to a line cannot interfere with operation. The location in Stadlau has also made it possible to optimally secure the data center against power failures. Two diesel generators, each weighing six tonnes and fed from a fuel tank containing 60,000 liters, can provide power for 72 hours – this would be unthinkable in an inner-city location.

The project has been realized by a company founded especially for this purpose: Rechenzentrum der Stadt Wien GmbH, a company owned by the Wien Holing subsidiary, WSE Wiener Standortentwicklung. The new data center has at its disposal the necessary capacities for the next 20 to 30 years and can grow with developments in the IT sector during running operation.

Photo: © Eva Kelety